Parenting can bring immense joy and fulfilment.
However, as much as we love our tiny humans, parenting them can be a source of confusion, frustration and stress.

We’ve been there, we see you.
We’re here to help.

Find more confidence and joy in your parenting journey with parent coaching.


What’s this coaching thing all about?

 Parent coaching can help your family navigate the questions and concerns you may have about your child, their behaviour or social/emotional development. Parent coaching is a wonderful mix of education (helping you understand the latest research into child development), counselling support and goal setting for your family.

Your coach will work with you to get clarity on your goals as a parent and your preferred parenting approach. Your coach will then collaborate with you to develop practical, gentle and realistic strategies to strengthen your parent-child relationship and reduce conflict and stress in your home.


What does parent coaching involve?

 Parent coaching is more directive and action focused than family counselling. It’s more individualised and confidential than attending a group parenting program. The advice and strategies given are evidence based and tailored to the needs of your child.

Most importantly, parent coaching is non judgemental. We respect the beliefs, values, experiences and culture that are unique to each family.


What issues can a parent coach address?

  • Adjusting to the parenting role
  • General parenting stress and managing a household
  • Conflict between spouses/partners about parenting styles
  • Navigating intergenerational family dynamics
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Co-parenting and step-parenting roles
  • Concerns around a child’s behaviour and development
  • Support with big changes and transitions for family life (moving, starting a new school, welcoming a new sibling etc)
  • Positive communication strategies

Our parent coaching program is delivered by our qualified Child and Family Counsellor, who has extensive experience is parent education and support.



First session – $120 (1.5 hours)
Subsequent sessions – $100 (1 hour)

Parent Coaching Package:
Six sessions purchased upfront for $550
This includes the initial session and 5 subsequent sessions.

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