Hypnotherapy is a mind-body technique in which a person is guided into a state of deep focus or concentration (no swinging pocket watches or prompts to cluck like a chicken involved! It’s not like in the movies.) 

A trained hypnotherapist will work with you to become deeply relaxed, achieve mental focus and respond to positive suggestions, affirmations and mantras. 

Your hypnotherapist will use a range of therapeutic techniques involving breathing, visualisations, cognitive behavioural skills and guided imagery.  

Abhyanga Massage 

Abhyanga is a full body ayurvedic warm oil massage. Your practitioner will choose a herb infused oil that addresses your specific energy or healing needs. Unlike other forms of massage, oil is applied to the entire body from your hair to the soles of your feet. 

Abhyanga is an ancient practice that improves relaxation, promotes blood flow and lowers stress levels. Abhyanga can also reduce muscle stiffness and ease general aches and pains, as well as promote lymphatic drainage. You will leave your massage session feeling restored and refreshed. 


Hypnotherapy – $100 for 75 mins 

Abhyanga Massage – $100 for 75 mins 

We are able to put together a tailored package to support your needs, involving any of our complementary therapies.

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