Mindful Movement

A gentle flow class where you can take the time to explore each posture, while building focus and flexibility. 

Suitable for all levels with variations/modifications offered for those who are new to slow style or are looking for a nurturing approach to their practice. 

Dynamic Flow

Explore foundation, intermediate and advanced asana variations in this energetic and challenging flow class. Practitioners are encouraged to deepen their practice in a supportive environment and will feel energised and refreshed. 

This class is best suited for intermediate to advanced levels. 

Energise Flow

A dynamic sequence of postures that are taught progressively, uniting mindful movement with the breath. Explore flexibility and strength through playful sequencing and seamless transitions. 

This class is an active form of yoga practice best suited to those who have a moderate level of fitness and ability. 

Glow Flow

A fun fusion of yoga, pilates and dance inspired workouts. Our newest and most entertaining class encourages you to wear your brightest activewear, pick up some glow sticks and come prepared to flow to your favourite tunes. Suitable for all levels of practitioners who are wanting something a little bit different. 

Sunrise Flow

This is a fast paced and energising early morning practice. Sequencing is often around sun salutations with a strong focused on connecting movement to breath. Prior experience and familiarity of yoga postures is recommended but not essential. 

Sunset Salutations

A slow and gentle flow class built around the traditional sun salutation sequencing, with some playful variations included. A relaxing, yet energising class that focuses on alignment and building strength. Space for guided mediation is also included in this class. 

Suitable for all levels of practice. 

Relax and Release

A nurturing class to suit all levels of experience, allowing space for your body to truly relax and for your mind to find peace. 

A gentle hybrid of both Yin and Restorative style yoga, poses will be held for longer periods time. Props will be used to help your body soften and release tension, meditation and breath work are included in each class.

Toddler Music and Move

A fun and interactive class for children aged 1-3 years and their parents/careers/grandparents. 

An intentional curriculum has been developed by our qualified music educator and senior yoga teacher to promote physical and artistic skill development through play. 

A great opportunity to connect and engage with your little one! A ratio of one adult to one child is required. 

Mums and Bubs

A class for mums and babies up to 12 months old, with a focus on supporting women during their postnatal period. You will have a chance to connect with other parents, rebuild strength, engage with little one (or not, they might enjoy a snooze!) and improve mental wellbeing. 

(We do encourage you to seek guidance from your GP before joining this class, which is best suited for women at least 8-10 weeks postpartum.)  

Breathe and Balance

A gentle and modified approach to yoga, based in a traditional Hatha style. Gradually build confidence and strength through modified poses and breathing exercises. 

Suitable for all levels of ability, especially those who are new to yoga or who may have mobility concerns.