Our History

Connect the Dots has been a long established yoga studio and integral part of the Oatley Community for many years. Originally a small boutique studio with a loyal clientele, the current leadership team of Bronnie Hammond and Hannah Watters dreamed of offering more. 

Motivated by a shared love of yoga and their individual experiences of both struggling to find appropriate support for postnatal mental health concerns, they identified the need for a wellness centre to fit in the gaps of service delivery. 

Existing yoga studios mostly did just…yoga classes. 

Existing counselling programs were expensive, overbooked, impersonal and mostly focused on treating mental health from a negative, medical perspective (and let’s be honest, a bit boring!) 

There seemed to be a lack of mental health support that was genuinely accessible, affordable, still based in science/research but also offered an integrated holistic approach with services such as reiki, yoga therapy, mindfulness and FUN. 

Besties became business partners, a “what if” conversation became a deliberate plan of action and Connect the Dots expanded into a full service holistic wellness centre in December 2021. 

Our Mission  

We strive to empower our community to create a balanced, fulfilled and intentional lifestyle for themselves. This will be unique for their specific needs and experiences; we meet each member of our community “where they are” and honour their individuality. 

Through engaging with our varied services and programs, we aim to have each client leave our space feeling more resilient, more balanced, more hopeful for their future, more skilled with practical strategies and more connected to themselves.  

We prioritise and focus on mental health support, as well as physical health and emotional strength, to develop whole life wellbeing for our community members.  

Our Vision 

Our vision is for Connect the Dots to be an inclusive and supportive community of trusted companions who offer encouragement and genuine care to each other. 

Everyone is welcome here and we will make space for you. 

You don’t have to be overly “spiritual” to attend any of our programs. You don’t have to be physically flexible or super bendy at all, to attend our yoga classes. 

We can’t wait to get to know you and for you to get to know us.